About the Hamster Cam

About the hamster

This is our hamster, Smokey. Smokey is quite young, still not quite used to people. She lives at home in my computer room.

Like most hamsters, she is nocturnal. She spends most of the day asleep, only bothering to get really active in the evening after everyone's gone to bed, etc...

How it's done

This cam page was inspired by the Nose's HomeCams page, now defunct. Interesting... but there must be something better to do with it than stare at nekid folk, right?

There's not really much to it. A sunvideo board and sun camera II hooked to an old sparcstation was all I needed to generate the initial images. Add to that a graphics manipulation package line netpbm to add the message and time stamp, and there you go. Just write up a couple of shell scripts (yes, this is Unix not some damned Wintel monstrosity) to automate the process, catch any errors, etc, and away we go.

Don't really know where I got the Java applet from. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any indication of who wrote it so I can't give them credit. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Unfortunately, I just sort of threw it all together haphazardly. If there's enough interest in knowing how to do this on a Solaris box, I can probably organize all of the steps in my head, gather up the software or at least pointers to it, write up some instructions for y'all, and make it available for download somehow. But only if there's enough interest to make it worth my time...