This is our hamster, Gidgit. Gidgit is almost a year old, so she's fully grown. She lives at home in my computer room.

She's really friendly and intelligent. She likes to come to you and crawl into your hand when she wants out of the cage, instead of being cornered and dragged out. Given enough time she'll climb into your hand, but if the hamster ball is put near the opening of her cage, she'll pretty much jump right into it.

Hamsters are natural escape artists, but fortunately Gidget stays pretty well put. Which is probably a good thing since she shares her home with four cats. When Gidget is in her hamster ball she usually chooses to go straight to the bathroom and bang into the wall for hours on end, what fun! Especially for our neighbor who's bedroom is on the other side of that bathroom wall. So we got her a HamTrak - which is sort of like a train set with a groove for the hamster ball to roll around in. She's pretty happy with that, even though she can't go anywhere but up and down or around in a circle. Still, hamsters have this inherent NEED to run, which is why they need a wheel in their cage and frequently rearrange their furniture.

Also, we've learned that those enclosed plastic cages aren't too good for hamsters, they can't see very well and they can't see out of the "clear" plastic. They like to be able to see, smell and hear things around them. When Toupee got a regular wire cage (which tends to be easier to break out of, loose-loose, there) He actually squeeked happily at Mike all day long, as if thanking him and intereacting with him for the first time.

Gidget had a wire cage, but it just wasn't that much fun. And the second floor was wire, too, and so her feet kept slipping through the bars, so she didn't spend much time up there. But we think we've found the perfect hamster cage - the Habitral Safari (they figured it out!). We got ours at Premium Pet. It's compact but has a lot of features. A couple of the best things about it are the giant wheel, the wire front, back and top and the high plastic shielding around the bottom (keeps the litter INSIDE the cage, she tends to pile it up along the sides and the wire cage just spilled it right out.

The sides are plastic with one of those trademark Habitrail portholes on each to add on those Habitrail attachments. Gidget seems pretty happy with her space and if we added something to it she'd probably be off camera, so we're happy with it just the way it is.

Like most hamsters, she is nocturnal. She spends most of the day asleep, only bothering to get really active in the evening after everyone's gone to bed, etc. But lately she seems to be changing her sleeping habits. Maybe it's because hamsters hibernate in the winter, but the house is too warm, she's got the light on her all day or something. Lately she tends to be up when we're getting ready for work but doesn't wake up until late in the evening. Makes it tough to play with her because in the morning we're trying to get out the door and if she's not awake we sure don't want to wake her up. Hamsters are pretty cranky if you try to wake them when they aren't ready. So we deal with her schedule.